Relax in the beauty, comfort and knowledge of our highly trained staff.

At il bel mondo salon & spa we strive to make a difference in our guests lives by providing a balance of health & wellness and improving the quality of life through physical, mental rejuvenation and self esteem. Personalizing attention while we nurture your mind, body & spirit. Our high quality services and treatments are designed especially for you. 

While we continue to work hard to be the best for you by learning new industry techniques and methods, upgrading our skills and using new technology to serve you better. We follow the newest design trends and pride ourselves in providing our guests with the benefits of cutting edge technology in: Hair, Nails, Skin, Body & Non abrasive medical esthetics. 

We look forward to seeing you and making your visit with us as memorable as possible.

Featured Professional Salon Products


Facial Masks


Adds structure to the skin, giving it elasticity and plumpness. Revealing youthful looking skin.


High in powerful antioxidants protecting your skin from damaging free radicals. Promotes healthy, beautiful skin.


Healing and rejuvenating, slows the aging process and spurs new cell growth while firming the skin.

Red Carpet

Pulls and flattens wrinkles while protecting the skin and improving its appearance. Since it provides immediate effects, it is highly recommended to be used before special occasions for immediate wrinkle appearance reduction and a radiant smooth complection.


Smoothies wrinkles and fine lines and increases elasticity. Penetrates wrinkles from the inside, smoothing and moisturizing the skin. Leaving your face feeling velvety smooth.

Hair Design

  • Shampoo Cut & Style
  • Blow-dry & Style
  • Single & Dual Color Process
  • Root Retouch
  • Partial & Full Foils
  • Men’s Cut

Facial Treatments

Pro Renewel

Uses electrical current to stimulate cell renewal and assists in improved skin care penetration and absorption by gently warming the skins tissue. Exfoliates dead skin cells and increases collagen and elastin production. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Oxygen Infusion

Uses low voltage current, deeply cleansing the skin of impurities that cause a dull and lifeless appearance. Promotes cellular health by improving oxygeneration and circulation. Allows for deeper penetration of skin care products while reducing present wrinkles by tightening and clarifying skin.


Uses strong ultrasonic vibration to loosen and remove oil, dirt and debris from pores. Removes blackheads and exfoliates your skin by shedding dead skin cells. Infuses your skin with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid for anti-aging. leaves your skin glowing.

Smooth & Sculpt

Radio Frequency thermal energy is used to deeply penetrate the skin. RF is the latest in non-surgical face and body treatments. Skin is stimulated by heat, improving collagen production. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin,fine lines and wrinkles are minimized.


The ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non surgical conditioning. Leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and renewed. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin tone and minimizes the appearance of acne and stretch marks.

Mini Express

For those of you looking for a perfect skin pick me up! Skin is gently cleansed, toned and exfoliated. Followed by a massage, customized Mask and light moisturizer.

Gentlemen’s Facial

A deep cleansing, exfoliating, toning and conditioning treatment that will soothe and pamper the skin.
Specially designed for a man’s skin.

Waxing Treatments

  • Chin
  • Upper Lip
  • Eyebrow Design
  • Underarm
  • Half Leg
  • Full Leg
  • Full Chest
  • Full Back

Nail Care


  • Signature Manicure
  • Gel Manicure
  • Gentlemen’s Manicure
  • Signature Pedicure
  • Gel Polish Pedicure
  • Gentlemen’s Pedicure
  • Reflexology Pedicure
  • Basic Refresh Foot Spa


  • Foot and Lower Leg
  • Back and Shoulder
  • Head and Facial
  • Signature Massage
    60, 90 and 120 minutes
  • Ancestral Samunprai

Specialized Treatments

Purifying Back Treatment

Deep cleansing – The use of High Frequency electrical current to treat and prevent stubborn acne and shrink enlarged pores. – Eliminates toxins and acne causing bacteria while encouraging lymphatic drainage and exfoliating dead skin.

Cellulite & Detox Treatment

Full body treatment using a special blend of uplifting doTERRA essential oils to penetrate deep into the skins tissues. Improves: blood flow and circulation – reduces fluid retention and swelling – Helps to build collage & break down cellulite – Aids to activate slow growing tissues which promote smooth cellulite free skin. Eases a stressed mind, body and soul.

Scalp & Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment begins using a transparent wide comb that generates electrical current that is applied to the scalp followed by a doTERRA essential oil scalp massage and a moisturizing hair mask. Benefits include: Improved blood circulation, treats dandruff effectively, prevents itchy scalp, stops hair fall gradually & helps keep hair growth constant.

Ultasound Body Cavitation

Transmits low level ultrasound waves to convert fat cells into liquid which then can be naturally drained by the bodies own filtration system. Treatments remove cellulite, preventing fat cells from reucurring in the treated areas.

Vacuum Suction Treatment

Tones the skin and assists in body contouring – Skin elasticity is improved – Reduces water retention -Stimulates metabolism -Firms and tones Improves fatty deposit absorption.

Revitalizing Eye Treatment

Dark circles and under eye bags are treated using electrical current. Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pure collagen firming patches and eye contour cream are applied giving your skin a full, smooth and youthful look.

Radio Frequency Body Contouring

Sculpts, tightens and tones the skin. -Minimizes the appearance of cellulite – Boosts collagen production Streamlines body contours, smoothing and firming the texture of the skin -Increases cellular metabolism, lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Essential Oils

Plants have many beautiful qualities, one of which is providing us with the most potent, natural, healthy and chemical free alternative… ESSENTIAL OILS. 

Support a healthy immune system while benefiting your body & mind. 

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